Reset Your Mac OS X System Keychain

After deleting the default user account and recreating it in OS X, I tried to access the System keychain and kept receiving this error message:

After some digging around, I found this very useful little snippet about unlocking the System Keychain on the Apple Discussion Forums:

You can’t unlock the system.keychain – the password is known only to the system. If you need to remove items from it, open Terminal and type:
 sudo systemkeychain -vfcC
This will create a new, blank system keychain.

The options are documented here.

Once you have recreated the keychain, you can test if it unlocks properly with:
 systemkeychain -vt
The options used above are:
-v = verbose
-f = force
-c = create if needed
-C = setup system
-t = test unlock

Author: ankushnarula

fooling myself

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